10 Best food to increase breastmilk


10 Best food to increase breastmilk

10 Best food to increase breastmilk:

Breast-milk is popularly called as liquid gold, it is the best food for all babies. New mommies often have issues to enough produce milk it can be due to several reasons like stress, lack of sleep, irregular food habit. Here is a list of natural foods which can help to increase the breast milk supply.
#1. Fenugreek seeds
This is the most common spice which is been used for ages to boost the breast-milk production. Fenugreek seeds help promotes sweat production glands and breast is a form of sweat glands. This is why fenugreek seeds help to stimulate milk ducts and milk production. You can soak 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight in a glass of water. Consume this water and chew the soaked seeds, this will increases the breastmilk supply.

#2. Spinach
Spinach is a naturally high source of iron and increases the haemoglobin level. It also promotes breast milk supply. Include lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, coriander leaves, mint, celery. Also, make sure to have a wholesome meal last 3 thrice a day.

#3. Oats
Oats are popularly known as breast milk makers, it has a high level of dietary beta-glucan. You can include oats in the form of porridge, muffins, upma. Include lots of nuts and fruits with oats to boost the breast-milk supply

#4. Papaya
Papaya is a yummy fruit which can be used in both raw and ripe form. You can prepare curries with raw papaya. Include lots of ripe papaya into your diet. A bowl full of ripe papaya every morning can drastically increase the breast-milk supply. You can eat papaya with yogurt or other fruits.

#5. Garlic

Garlic is considered as the most easily available and best food to increase breast milk. It is popularly known to boost location in new mommies. You can include stir fried garlic clove in your curries and soup. The best option is to stir-fry 5-10 nos of garlic clove in ghee and have it with roti or rice.

#6. Sesame seeds
Sesame seeds are high in natural calcium and are helpful to increase the breast milk supply. You can prepare laddo with sesame seeds, ghee, jaggery and nut powder. Consume this every day to increase breast milk.

#7. Carrots
Carrots are a natural source of vitamin A and help to boost lactation in new mommies. You can have 2-3 carrots in a day or prepare a yummy halwa with warm milk, ghee, and jaggery.

#8. Barley
 Barley works as a natural agent to increase hydration in the body. It keeps you well hydrated for the entire day. You can prepare barley porridge and take it with a bowl of fresh fuels.

#9. Asparagus
Asparagus is a super-food for nursing mothers, it is naturally high in Vitamin A, K, and fiber. I stimulate the essential hormones which help to increase lactation. Wash the Asparagus and finely chop it, you can boil it will milk and drink every night for good breast milk supply.

#10. Cumin Seeds
Cumin Seeds are best fat burners and help to increase appetite and digestion. Drink 4-6 glasses of cumin water every day.

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