5 Easy and Simple Exercises for Kids


5 Easy and Simple Exercises for Kids

5 Easy and Simple Exercises for Kids:


Exercise is a very crucial part for everyone, it is very important to teach the kids the importance of working out from the young age. Instead of difficult working out you can introduce exercise in a playful way to kids.

Here are some exciting and easy exercise for kids, it’s all about right movement and cool games. The kids can enjoy the benefits of working out and all these exercises needs no equipment or a huge setup to get started.
5 Easy and Simple Exercises for Kids

These exercises can be done in the small time gap of 5-10 minutes or you can club it with long playtime too. Always make sure to start with mild warm-up exercise, this will help the muscles and heart to relax and get well prepared for the workout.

1.    Jumping

Let the tiny feet go up and down the ground for a mild exercise, kids love all form of jumping exercise, it helps to build the muscle strength, keep heart fit and increases the stamina. You can try out these variations of jumping exercise.

a) Jumping Jacks - Begin with stretching arms and legs to the side, take a position similar to a starfish while jumping. Move arms to sides and legs to the centre while finishing the jump.

b) Tuck Jumps- Begin by bending the knees and lift the heels during the jump.

c) Hurdle Hops- Jump front to back and then from one side to another as if you are crossing a hurdle.

d) One foot Hops- Life one keen and use the standing feet to jump. Repeat the same with another leg. It is a great exercise to teach leg balance in kids.

e) Criss Cross Feet - First jump straight, then cross left foot on the right side and then jump. Switch feet and repeat.


2. Running

Running is the easiest form of exercise, encourage the kids to run outdoor and combine it with games like relay races, squat relay etc. In addition to it, you can include different pattern movements like lifting the knee and running, butt kicks, side to side etc.

3. Squats and Lunges

Encourage your little one to bend that little knee and do squats and lunges, it works as a great foundation for fitness. Ask them to try forward, backward and side lunges. You can also ask the kids to jump and squat, the kids love to hop and stand in between skating.

4. Sit-Ups and Push-Ups

Let the kids work at their core by doing sit ups and push ups. The traditional crunches and bicycle crunches are also a good way to teach them core exercise. In addition to it, make sure the kids learn push-ups and planks to provide support to the upper bodies and focus on abs and back area.

5. Stretching

Begin and end the exercise routine with basic stretching workouts. The stretching keeps the muscle strong and body healthy. Stretching post-workout helps the kids to cool down and prevents serious injuries.

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