5 Ways Parents Unintentionally Cause Their Child's Anxiety and Depression


5 Ways Parents Unintentionally Cause Their Child's Anxiety and Depression

5 Ways Parents Unintentionally Cause Their Child's Anxiety and Depression:

We all want to keep our kids away from harm, depression, and anxiety. But there are things that we may overlook or fail to notice. There are some acts that parents do that do more harm than good. Kids all over the globe may be prone to depression and anxiety, whether they’re from the United States or Manila. International schools, private schools, and public schools do their best to inform parents about child anxiety and depression. Here are 5 ways parents unintentionally cause anxiety and depression to their child.

Being Overprotective

It’s natural for a parent to keep a watchful eye on their children. It’s a parent’s duty to protect their children at all costs, we would never want them to come in harm’s way. We would do anything for them. But there’s a point where we may become too protective. We may not notice that our protective nature may support our child’s avoidance, contributing to our child’s anxiety.

As parents, we must also let our children develop their own ways of handling difficult situations. This will help them become independent, courageous, and help them discover their own strengths. Don’t shield them from the harsh realities of the world. Show them that they can overcome them through resilience, confidence, and bravery.

Being Overly Critical

It’s important to be critical with our children at times. Teaching them what’s right from what’s wrong and how to do things the right way. It’s our job to raise to become great human beings. But sometimes, we may be too critical that it does more harm than good to our children. Being too critical with them can shunt their confidence.

They may grow up with the fear of being judged by everyone. Instead of criticizing them, encourage them to change their ways. Enforce positive action rather than negative actions. But don’t allow your children to take advantage of your kindness and seek protection from it. Teach them to stand on their own feet and guide them.

Concealing Your Troubles

There may be issues whether it’s financial or familial, we want to keep this away from our children, as much as possible. We are protecting them from unnecessary issues that may potentially affect them psychologically. We never want to introduce anything that would worry them about things that are out of their control.

But a child’s perception is far greater than we think. Their strong intuition can make them sense that something is not right. If they have this sort of feeling, it would be better to be honest to them rather than keeping it from them. At least give them a realistic yet simple way for them to absorb it. Don’t let them blow things out of proportion through their imagination.

Arguing in Front of the Kids

There will be times where parents argue due to disagreements or misunderstandings. There may be times where we suddenly argue with our partner due to bottled up feelings or anger. If there’s a conflict that needs to be resolved, do it in private. Don’t introduce a source of disharmony to your children. They might even pick up negative attitudes or emotions that they will carry with them till they grow older.

Arguing in front of your children may induce fear, anxiety, stress, and confusion to your child. Situations like this may leave them emotionally scarred. Parents that argue in front of their kids is one of the most common reasons why children develop depression.

Key Takeaway

We never mean to introduce anything negative to our children. We want to protect them and keep them safe from any form of harm. But sometimes we create a false perception of the world for them by keeping them too safe and spoon feeding them too much. It’s great that private, public, and international schools from Manila to any part in the world, support being aware of children’s mental well-being. Anxiety and depression are issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let’s all share this and raise awareness for anxiety and depression.

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