6 Superfoods to Include in The Junior Athletes Diet Plan


6 Superfoods to Include in The Junior Athletes Diet Plan

6 Superfoods to Include in The Junior Athletes Diet Plan:


 Do you have a junior athlete at your home?? The nutritional needs are very curial for all the kids, it gets a little more complicated when your kid is a young athlete. It is must to make sure you include all the essentials to meet the nutritional needs which cater the growth and development.

Many kids usually miss out the important development components like Vitamin D, fibre, calcium by usually skipping the breakfast, being a picky eater or generally eat less. In addition to it, the diet of junior athletes not only depend on the food but also the timings and frequency of eating contributes majority. Moreover, it is must for the kids to have a balanced meal which contributes majorly to the muscle building and overall development.

Here are some best foods which work as a powerhouse of nutrients for your junior athlete. You can include these into your little one diet plan and be assured about the performance and health.

1. Nuts and seeds

 Almost all the nutrients are loaded with healthy fats, proteins, calcium, vitamin E, and fibres. To get the maximum benefits, offer a handful of mixed nuts and seeds to your junior athlete. If your kids are allergic to certain nuts you can skip them and replace it with seeds. Pack it into her bag, it will make as an instant snack.

2. Homemade Juices

Offer 100 % natural juices especially citrus fruit juice to your kid. The citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C and folic acids, it provides instant energy and best for sports kids. Avoid adding artificial sugar, instead, you can make use of honey for sweetness. You can also prepare healthy juices like beetroots, carrots, bottle gourd etc.

 3. Cottage Cheese

 Cottage cheese is the best source of natural protein, best to pack and carry during all practice sessions. You can add some vegetables and make a quick sandwich too. Cottage cheese is loaded with calcium, proteins, and potassium. If your little one is allergic to lactose, you can replace the regular milk cottage cheese with tofu.

 4. Curds/Yogurt

 Curds are a natural source of high calcium, vitamin D, proteins, you can also prepare flavoured yogurt at home. Or try to introduce curds in an everyday meal in the form of milkshakes, snacks or even as desserts. In fact, a bowl full of curd rice every day can do wonders.

 5. Green Leafy vegetables

 Dark and green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander leaves, curry leaves, mints etc are loaded with iron and calcium. You can prepare these with natural vitamin C like tomatoes, red bell pepper or lemon to increase the iron absorption. Green leafy vegetables should be includes at least twice a week in junior athlete's diet plan.

6. Milk

 Animal milk is a rich source of calcium,, and potassium. If your little one is lactose intolerant, you can opt for soya milk or almond milk too. Each milk has different calorie content, select the one which is appropriate for your little one.

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