8 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators, Hackers, and Bullies | Working Mother


8 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators, Hackers, and Bullies | Working Mother

8 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators, Hackers, and Bullies | Working Mother :

Your child is growing up in a digital society. Internet plays more important role in it. There are many positive use of internet which helps your child to be smarter but we all know all the good things have some bad things also.

Here are some tips by using them you can protect your child form being hurt from internet.




  1. Talk Openly About the Dangers of the Internet

Kids use the Internet for everything. From homework assignments to chatting with friends to playing games, they maneuver the many corners of the Internet with ease.

But most of them are unaware form the dark side of internet. One can easily make the fool and hurt them online as they are not much aware from the dark side of internet.

Have an open discussion on the online safety as soon as they are old enough. Tech then not to disclose their personal information like phone number, address, name etc. make them able to disclose what they are doing on internet.

If they find something inappropriate, like a hurtful comment from a cyber bully or an explicit video, you will want them to share it with you. Starting an open dialogue with your child as early as possible will help keep them safe.

  1. Use Parental Control

There are some tools like CleanRouter, ContentWatch Net Nanny, and Qustodio Parental Control, that will help you control your child's behavior online.

These tools allow you to monitor on every device on your network. They also allow you to safe search. You can also set the internet scheduling in it.

There are some inbuilt features into your Mac, PC, or mobile device. Just perform a search for "parental controls" and the device name or operating system you are using to follow the instructions. 

  1. Set Limits

Set the time limit for using internet. Allow your child to surf on internet by using specific time limit like 2 hour etc.

Establishing limits for screen time at an early age will better prepare children to make smart choices as they are older.   

When they are less online then it is possibility to get less harm. Also set the limit for not using of internet at meal or before bed time. This helps to control your child’s online behavior.

Turn your screen in to productive activity to encourage them to learn from internet, create or build new things.

  1. Regularly Check Your Child's Online Activity

You should look about the suspicious activity of your child on internet. What they are doing always track a record of including deleted history and private searches. wWhen you notice abnormal behavior, bring it to your child's attention and have an open and honest discussion about how they spend their time online.

  1. Keep a Physical Eye on the Compute

Putting your family computer in a central location will help you have physical eyes on your child's Internet activity. A set up like this will discourage your kids from visiting inappropriate sites as they know that you or a sibling might walk by a see.

Another helpful tip is to set rules that require them to use tablets in a common area, and leave their phones out of their rooms at night.


  1. Be Aware Of What Your Child Is Doing Online

If your child is spending more time on internet alone, anything could be going on. It is important to know what site is your child is visiting and what he is doing online. If something bad talk to him, ask them about.

  1. Safe Is Always Better Than Sorry

Most browsers and search engines allow parents to enable child safety features. These features help to prevent your child from getting access to sites that they shouldn't see. These features can be very helpful when you are trying to prevent your child from coming into contact with materials that are inappropriate. If you notice any suspicious activity, report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Own Habits

Child is the mirror of your own. If you spend more time on internet or be online all the night, your kids are also going to do same. Always make a cutting down time from screen it effects positively on your.

So always set your own time limits.

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