Being a dad isn't an easy job


Being a dad isn't an easy job

Being a dad isn't an easy job:

Hello, this topic is not for you mom, yes being a mother isn't easy job and people keep asking you, what are you doing Man?
But this time we have to hats off to the man of the family, "Dad".

Being a dad can or cannot be easy, it depends how you tackle with the situation and manage the things in place in a right way.

Mood swings of your wife can piss you off, but you can't piss you off, practically.
People comes to you and realise you it's because of you, things are in place she get pregnant, she is suffering pain and weight gain, bla blah can't even share your feelings with anyone, not even your better half can understand your feelings.
Being a dad is a tough but it worth it.

“Dad" would be the toughest journey or a most wonderful experience at the same time. one of the most exciting, yet terrifying journeys of your life. 
You can be the best husband and a best dad or you can easily announce as the worst dad and bad husband.
You will get so many well wishes yet terrifing advice that will bucked up your mind and soul if you listen and follow all these.

We all wish to have a family but when it actually going through being a dad you have to think about it, like...

1.The joys of discipline. We all wish our kids get good moral values so that they will be a good person in their life. If you would be tough so your kids won't be share their problems with you, and memories of a strict upbringing and lots of yelling/punishments, which leads us to the next difficult thing about being a father…

2. Balancing your work life along with your personal life isn't that easy, when you have lots of responsibility on your shoulders.Finding that work/life balance isn’t easy. Find time for your kids so that you can understand him and even they enjoy good time with you.

3. Giving a quality time with your kids is very important, that share a strong bond with family and kids.
Kids not easy understand why father isn't spend more time with him. Sometimes when you come to home after a hactic day you want rest but you should understand your kids waiting for you in whole day. Spent a quality time and establish a strong line of communication with your kids is important. 

4.sometimes you feel bucked up with your life as, may be you are the only one earning member of your family and your wife and kids demands sucks it's the hardest yet, at the time, each stage seems like a tough,it is. But try to appreciate each steps, because eventually, it won't be the fact you might don't have any choice.

5. Try to create a bond and teach them what is right and what is wrong.
Teach them what is wrong if someone touch them in a wrong intention, teach them what is wrong intention, give them a example and if possible don't leave him alone and don't be dependent in outsiders who will harm your kids.
Don't be a judgemental when they come to you just listen to them and try to understand before you give your advice.

6. Plan for your weekend, play with your kids and even help your kids for their homework, give a attention to your kids so that they love you for sure.
You can be a role model of your kids, even every kids want to be like his dad, for that you should understand your kids.

7. If possible have breakfast together, and dinner together. Try to maintain a positive vibes in home so that your kids grown up in a positive vibes.

8.Teach the to be grateful and talk to them about that. Don’t buy them everything, even if you can. Teach them the value of hard work. Even teach them the value of money, so that they respect otherwise it would be difficult to understand the value of money.



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