Extra-Curricular Activities You Should Encourage Your Child to Join


Extra-Curricular Activities You Should Encourage Your Child to Join

Extra-Curricular Activities You Should Encourage Your Child to Join :

Having your kids join extracurricular activities provides a host of benefits that they can enjoy, especially if they plan to enroll in an international school in Manila. While most children are generally against the idea of spending their free time doing activities instead of resting, the trick is to get them involved in something that they will enjoy. Luckily, there are a wide variety of extracurricular activities your child can choose from.

The way you support your child in finding the right activity for them might change as they grow older. For instance, if you have a younger, grade-school child, you might need to give a lot of direction to find the right activity for them. For an older, high-school-aged student, you may just want to suggest a few different options and let them find an activity that they think sounds fun or interesting.

Activities can be found for all age-groups, so here are a few examples of extracurricular activities you should encourage your child to join.


Sports is one of the most popular after-school activities in cities like Manila. International schools often hold their own after-school sports that are open to students and sometimes even faculty. In addition, certain communities also often have their own sports league for kids and teens.

In large cities, children can often sign up for school and play in a community league in their favorite sport for a season, giving them more time to play the sport.

Sports can be a good choice for kids who need to have a more physical lifestyle. These can be the kids who have high energy levels or kids who do not have the space to play and run in.


Organizations like the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts can teach your kids a wide variety of life skills including self-care, financial literacy, and outdoor recreation and camping. The Girl Scouts even strives to offer programs to help develop girls into well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

Scouting can be a good choice for children who are willing to try a variety of activities and enjoy the outdoors. Kids are also expected to earn awards in other tasks like cleaning, cooking, personal care, arts, goal setting, and finances.


Academic topics tend to have competitive teams or clubs formed around them. Similar to the way sports teams compete against one another, some schools might have a math team that competes against other schools. Other after-school clubs such as gardening or science can give the students the opportunity and time to work on their own ideas and projects while being supervised by knowledgeable teachers.

Your students can go further on a particular subject if they enjoy it by participating in an academic extension. They also will gain the chance to socialize with other students who they share similar interests with. Academic extension clubs can also give your child the chance to spend more time with their favorite teacher or instructor should they help run the club.

Key Takeaway

Spend some time with your child and understand his or her interests and skills. Send your child for a trial class, or maybe even take one class with them.

While these extracurricular activities are not always budget-friendly, especially if you have more than one child, the benefits they may gain make it worth investing your money and time in.

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