How and why to Use Resistance Bands


How and why to Use Resistance Bands

How and why to Use Resistance Bands:

We all wish a perfect tonned body shape or in reality how many get the perfect tonned body. But the truth is you don’t need to put your efforts a whole lot of fancy equipment to get the most out of your at-home workout is a waste of money. Where resistance bands are space-efficient, highly portable, and they’re great for every level of fitness in a very efficient and gave best of there result if you use in a proper way. Resistance band are rely on bodyweight, they are flexible and easy to use and maintain in day to day life without changing your daily diet. Even if you are a food lover, you can enjoy your favourite food and do some basic resistance band exercise and tone your body in a perfect shape.

There are a variety of resistance bands in a market which you can buy according to your preference and comfortablity out there, but the three most popular types are high resistance band(high duty band), medium resistance band (medium duty band), low resistance band (low duty band).
High resistance bands, it used in for advanced powerlifting and sports performance workouts to do lifts. It is very hard band to use if you are a sports person than it's a best workout band for you, don't use if you are a beginner level of using a band.
Medium resistance band, it is a second level band for used this band you can workout for strength exercises from bicep curls to shoulder raises.
Low resistance band, typically If you are a beginner level, this band is for you. Basically workout for dynamic warm-up, mobility of your body and start giving a stability of your normal workout in a level.

How much resistance you’ll get is determined by the stiffness of the band and how far it’s stretched. It is totally depends from the uses and it work if it is used on a daily basis.

There are no such secret that you can get a perfect tonned body shape in overnight or a  workout with your bodyweight alone. But if you have to add a little resistance. Not everyone is lucky or rich to get the gym or  a set of dumbbells at home, but there is a easy exercise equipment comes in: the resistance band.

The best parts about this band easy to carry and even you can take with you wherever go anywhere; toss it in a bag to bring it on a trip, stash it in your home for a quick morning workout, or tote it along in your gym bag to sneak in some extra moves if your gym is missing one.
They're usually color coded based on how much resistance they have (darker usually means harder). You can exhaust a whole list of exercises with just your body alone—but if you have a doorknob, wall, or pole you can tie it to, your exercise repertoire just doubled.

There are some exercise like:
Opposition Jacks
Resisted Boxer
Squat Hops
Squat with Single-Arm Arnold Press
Resistance Row and many more...

One of the best parts about using a band is especially you can shape of your body workouts you haven't tried before—is that it keeps your body and mind in peace and it strength and cardio intervals.
It optimizes your time and kicks your extra body fat which lose your  confidence even you can wear your dream dress, most of the ladies facing excessive fat in  there body post pregnancy and they get depression because  of having extra fat , now use  resistance band and say goodbye to fat so that your body keeps burning calories long after your workout is over.
You'll only need a band and an exercise mat for this routine—and, OK, a bottle of water. Hydrating is key for this one.


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