Indian Diet Chart For 7 Months Old Baby


Indian Diet Chart For 7 Months Old Baby

Indian Diet Chart For 7 Months Old Baby :

When it comes to feeding the 6 months old solid, it should be done only twice daily and that too just few tablespoons. But by the time your little one ends 7 months you can start feeding solids at least three times a day.

From the 7th month, make sure you introduce a lot of variety into her diet else the babies can easily get bored if the same food is served to them. Make sure you introduce a vast variety of food, let the baby explore and enjoy the food. Try to infuse multiple ingredient and flavours in the baby’s dish, this will make the little one understand and explore new tastes. In short, make sure you expand the taste horizons of kids.

What to keep in mind before beginning with feeding your 7 months old solids.

1. Once your little one is of 7 months, you can introduce three feeds of solid every day. Start with giving breakfast, lunch and early dinner to your baby. Still breastfeeding should be the major source of nutrition for the little one, never replace the feed with solids nor quit breastfeeding. You can do a little tweak in the feeding time.

2. The quantity of food can be increased gradually, it can be the size of your baby's hand or approximately some 100 ml.

3. Make sure the consistence of final solid food is little thick, it should stick to the feeding spoon without spilling much.

4. Avoid feeding the baby in the sleeping position. Always use a high chair to feed the baby. You can also make your little one sit on a lap.

5. Never forget to sterilize the cooking and serving utensils.

6. Continue to follow the 3 days rule before including a new food into your little one's diet.

Morning (7 am)

As soon as you are up, feed a little to your baby. If the waking time is by 8 am or 9 am, skip the feed.

Breakfast (9am -10 am)

You can begin by offering the regular feel like rice dal mix, homemade khichdi, idli, moong dal soup, oats porridge, sattumavu, apple porridge etc. If you are planning to offer eggs, offer boiled eggs as boiling those keeps the nutrition intact.

Mid-Morning (10:30 am-11 am)

Offer steamed apple, mashed banana, papaya or any fruit which your baby likes.

Lunch (1 pm-1:30 pm)

Make sure you include whole grains like ragi, wheat khichdi, rice, rice and millet combination etc. Ensure the rice or whole grain is well cooked and mashed.

Evening Snacks (4:30 pm-5 pm)

A good serving of millet porridge, thick soup, vegetable milkshake etc.

Dinner (7:15 pm - 7:45 pm )

Late feeding can lead to indigestion in the baby, offer early dinners like mashed rice, mashed vegetables, and rice, idli, and rasam.

Bed Time (8:30 pm-9 pm)

Make sure you give a gap of at least 2 hours between the dinner and milk time. Offer breast milk or formula to the baby before sleep.


You can always replace the food as per your baby’s choice. Make sure you stick to the routine.

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