Indian Diet Plan for 6 Months Baby


Indian Diet Plan for 6 Months Baby

Indian Diet Plan for 6 Months Baby:

6 months is the best time to begin the journey of solid foods. Most of the moms eagerly wait for this moment, it is so much fun to watch the cute little expression made on those tiny faces as they explore new dishes and flavours. The breast milk is still a major part of the baby's diet, never replace it with a meal. According to the WHO, it is must to breastfeed the child for at least 6 months of age.

Why introduce solids at 6 months of age ??

1. The brain cells starts to develop during the initial months, hence it is must for the babies to get optimal nutrition.

2. By the age of 6 months, the little one will have a control on his/her neck. They can say no once they are satisfied.

3. after 6 months only breastmilk is not sufficient to provide all the needed nutrients.

How to begin first baby solid foods

1. Never introduce multiple new foods at the same time. It is must to have a gap of at least 3 days between two foods. This time slot will help you to identify the food allergies.

2. Always try the baby food for at least 3 days, you can see the acceptance or rejection from the little one.

3. Make sure to introduce a new food in the morning, you have enough time to analyse how the baby accepts it.

4. Avoid mixing two or more food together. Make sure to introduce them separately and notice the effect on babies.

5. Always offer a small amount to the baby, even if the baby shows eagerness. Don't stop breastfeeding or giving formula to the little one.

6. Introduce more vegetable than fruits.

7. Choose the starting food wisely, some food can cause constipation.

8. It is must to heat the baby food for sometimes if the food is not consumed, discard it and avoid reusing it. It can be contaminated and can lead to digestive troubles.

9. Take proper care while feeding the little one, the solid food should be easy to chew and swallow.

10. Offer only homemade and fresh foods to your baby.

11. Make sure to properly wash and sterilize the utensils which are used to cook. Also, sterilize the feeding bowl and spoon.

12. Avoid adding sugar and salt before the baby turns one.

Top India food which should be included on Diet Plan for 6 months old baby

1. Begin with light foods like idli and rice.

2. Vegetables and fruits purees

3. Steamed fruits

4. Boiled and mushy dal

5. Apple Kheer

6. Dalia

7. Dal and rice

8. Khichdi

9. Sattumavu


Foods to avoid for 6 months old baby

Some foods can lead to constipation or chocking since the baby's digestive system is not well developed. Avoid the below-mentioned food during the initial 6 months.

1. Sugar

2. Salt

3. Soya Milk

4. Animal Milk like buffalo, cow's milk.

5. Honey

6. Raw Vegetables

7. Processed Food

8. Nuts

Diet Plan For 6 months old baby

First Week

Day 1: Begin with just a single tablespoon. You can give idli with little milk as the first food.

Day 2: Give 2 tablespoon of mashed idli twice a day.

Day 3: Offer 3 tablespoons and observe the little one.

Day 4: You can offer vegetables of your choice on the 4th day, start with carrot or lauki puree. Offer only 1 or 2 tablespoons once a day.

Day  5 and Day 6: Gradually increase the amount of vegetable puree to 2 -3 tablespoons twice a day.

Day 7: Give steamed and mashed apple in the morning.

Second Week

From the second week offer two different solid meals every day. You can try different vegetable and fruit purees like stewed apple, homemade sattumavu, pureed peas, pureed pear, mashed banana, rice, and dal.

Third Week

Make sure you are breastfeeding or formula feeding your little one along with the meal. If the baby is eating a good amount of solid food, allow a gap of atleast 2 -2.5 hours between the feeds. Include lots of vegetable purees like pureed carrots, vegetable soup, Khichdi, beetroot puree etc.

Fourth Week

Continue with breastfeeding or formula feeding the little one. Also, include solids when the baby feels hungry. Always give a gap of minimum 2-2.5 hours between each feed.

The diet plan for the 6-month-old baby is to give you an idea about the food items, you can also do the necessary changes in recipes and timings as per your baby's convenience and taste.

Addition tips to consider

1. Avoid storing vegetable and fruits puree, always prepare a fresh batch.

2. Never force feed your little one.

3. Avoid feeding food if the baby turns her head away after eating.

4. Never feed the little one when he/ she is lying on her back.

5. Always feed the baby on a highchair or your lap.

6. Always make sure to follow 3 days waiting rule before introducing a new food to the baby.

7. Check with your paediatrician before starting any new food.

8. Steaming is always the healthy way to keep the nutrients intact, avoid pressure cooking the food.

9. Check for the allergy symptoms after introducing new foods to your little one, avoid the food if you find any symptoms.

10. Never mix formula milk into any food, you can add little diluted cow's milk or water to make a puree.



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