Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry  Review


Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry  Review

Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry  Review:

I love trying out different baby products, at least one thing or another is very helpful when we are a first-time mommy. I have heard a lot about baby teethers, some suggested me to not use it as there is no surety about the safety of the material used in baby teether. When I consulted my pediatrician, he suggested me few top brands which make use of safe material and are good for the baby.


Teething is a  painful phase, the little one truly goes through pain and irritation. A baby teether is highly helpful during the teething phase. Apart from using the teether, gently massaging on gums with a cold clean cloth helps to sooth the baby. I used Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry for my little one. Here is the detailed review about it.

Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry  Review



The Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry is neatly packed to ensure there is zero contamination or direct handing via bare hands.  You cannot open the product or can check it with your bare hands, it is sealed well and cannot be touched until you buy it. Hence, the baby is the first person to touch and explore the product.

My little one is fond of the red color, this strawberry silicone teether is a big hit at our home. The color combination is really nice, it looks similar to a strawberry with a long stem. The design simulates gums, and tongue and is extremely light weighted.

The stem of teether is long which ensures that it reaches the molar teeth without causing any choking hazard. The width ensures a comfortable grip. The overall color and design combination is perfect to improve the eye and hand coordination.


The Mee Mee Silicone Teether is BPA free, lead-free, PVC and totally safe for babies. It can be washed with mild dishwasher and lukewarm water. Make sure to dip the teether in hot water before each use as a sterilizer. This product doesn't need much sterilization.


This teether from Mee Mee is safe for babies and is free from chocking risks. The edges are curvy and it won't hurt the soft baby gums. A perfect option to sooth the painful baby gums during teething.

My Experience

I personally loved the color combination, curvy edges, and design. It is safe for infants.  It did not leave any color and the teether remains same even after rigorous use. But, the size is too big for small babies especially 4-6 months old babies.

They can only play with it because the big teether won't fit into their mouth. The Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry works really well for elder babies like 6+ month babies.

Avoid offering the teether to the baby immediately after feeding, it can cause gagging or vomiting. The overall product is good, easy to clean, less maintenance and best to soothe sore baby gums.

Final Verdict

Mee Mee Silicone Teether Strawberry works well for 6+ month babies, a good option to soothe sore baby gums.

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