Natural beauty secrets


Natural beauty secrets

Natural beauty secrets:


We all secretly desire to look beautiful and flawless complexion. But most of us fall prey to pollution, pimple , skin allergy and some other factors, and our skin ends up looking dull and lifeless. What can be done about this?
Some of them went for doctor, parlour, and few choose to go natural beauty secrets, which give you a beautiful complexion.

There are N number of beauty tips for getting fair skin at home, but firstly we should know what suits you the best.
Check them out the list which not only good for health to eat but it also good for face, to make your skin flawless.

Green tea water and honey pack
Oats and lemon pack
Turmeric and lemon pack
Turmeric and tomato pack
Yogurt pack
Brown sugar and lemon pack
Yogurt and dried organs pack
Yogurt and lemon
Onion juice and suger scrub
Gram flour and lemon pack
Gram flour and turmeric pack
Yogurt And gram flour
Lemon juice and honey pack
Milk and saffron
Papaya pack
Raw potato pack
Cucumber pack
Olive oil and sea  salt scrub
Coconut milk 
Raw milk
Banana and Egg
Apple Cider Vinegar 
Vitamin E oil
Tea tree oil and many more.

There are some tips which help you to give you a beautiful and natural beauty.

1. Washing face is good but if you wash face frequently around every half an hour or two it will give you a dryness on your face.
2. Cosmetic products give you a flawless and beautiful skin tone, but before going for bed if you will not clean it properly it end up damage, closed pour and many more skin problems.
3. If you are using wrong skin products that will end up damange skin.
4. Olive oil or baby oil give you a good skin moisturizer.
5. If you are tired in all day busy schedule after coming back to home,you can use some natural products to keep you fresh.
6. If you are suffering from acne drink a lot of water.
7. If you are tired use coconut oil, almond oil or any other oil of your choice and do some massage to relieve exhaustive day out.
8. Use green tea bags, chilled spoon on your tired eyes to help to reduce eyes puffiness.
9. Use right night cream and  foot cream before bed.
10. Vitamin E oil help your skin to generate good cells.


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