New year, New me: bring it on 2019!


New year, New me: bring it on 2019!

New year, New me: bring it on 2019!:

As New Year begins tomorrow i am sure a lot of you are thinking about new goals and resolutions. In a day, all our best intention will kick in and we'll be ready for changes. Some may stick and some may not. New year is a holiday of partying and the gym on janauary 1st. Setting new fitness goals. With that being said what we lack is the decipline and consistency. It is very important. I see people setting a fitness goal/resolution but few months down the line they take it for granted and forget all about it. I see people going to gyms and taking membership. They wait for january 1st to start their fitness goal and till then they make unhealthy choices. Every year they feel it would be different this year, no eating unhealthy food, working out everyday. When january 1st comes they feel super excited and then... It stops. Something happens, they miss a few workouts and would tell themselves, well i failed. And that would be that. Wait for next 1st january starts. People always wait to do things, to start something, either next 1st january, next monday, next holiday and then again next 1st january. Don't wait. Don't wait for 1st january, don't wait for monday, dont't wait for holidays. Begin this journey without putting any terms on your goals. Just start on a random tuesday in march. When you slip up learn to stand back up and keep moving forward. Teach yourself to stop waiting for the new year, stop making excuses and do the best you can RIGHT NOW!

There should be no pressure, no time limit and no reason to give up when you ' mess up' . But every year do make a different kind of resolution. It's to be happy. Keep living your life and making the choices that are right for you and to keep loving yourself every step of the way. Don't just make resolution to lose weight, but to love yourself and make the best choices that makes you happy. 

New year is more than just setting a new year resolution. We think we have to make these grand ' resolutions ' and drastically change ourselves. It's not true. There is nothing wrong with the new year , new me vibe. I'm also for the new year, better me vibe too. It's the little things, small tweaks, changes and mindset shift that makes the real difference. It doesn't have to be just about fitness goals. 2019 can be about anything you want it to be. Just remember to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE & FORGIVE - FOFGET. 

I am ready for more growth and i hope you are too. 

Happy new year to everyone!

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