Nine Ways To Monetize Your New Technology


Nine Ways To Monetize Your New Technology

Nine Ways To Monetize Your New Technology:

Technology and technical skills are in great demand these days. Businesses everywhere are embracing the internet as a source to generate leads and sales. In fact, many big businesses generate more than one-third of their revenue online. The internet is a place where anyone can make money legitimately using certain skills and tech that exist today. You don’t need to have 30 years of experience, which nobody has anyway since the internet was invented in 1989. All you need are some in-demand skills, reliable internet connectivity like Optimum deals and some footwork to monetize these skills. This blog explores the nine ways you can make money without having a degree in coding or design

1.Graphic Design:

Do you have some experience tweaking vacation photos or making a simple logo for your nephew’s soccer team? The good news is you can earn money using even a basic grounding of these skills. To put things in perspective, think about the thousands of images you see on social media. Thousands upon thousands of infographics and image content is posted on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. If you have the ability, you can monetize the need for graphic designers. You just need basic skills in Adobe Photoshop or alternative tools like Canva. The thing is, initially you may have to take on a lot of these projects to produce a substantial income. As your experience grows, you can start charging more to fewer clients.

2.Product/Business Branding:

To understand branding, simply take Coca-Cola. At the mention of the name, an image of the red and white logo materializes in the brain. This is branding or the “look and feel” of a business. While you may not start with a global company, even smaller businesses have branding needs. You can couple this with your designing skills to offer branding solutions to clients. It is very helpful if you have an intuition or innate ability with visuals, typography, and colors. You need some basic grounding in UX/design knowledge and tools. Initially, pitch to small businesses or non-profit organizations to build up clientele

3.Web design:

If you have ever seen a website that caused you to anguish about how it is presented, you have the germs needed for website design and re-design. You do not necessarily need coding skills for this. Before the coding aspect, each website or webpage has to be designed as a whole. This is where you come in. Get paid for creating the layout, look and feel of a website or webpage without coding. You will have to learn to use sitemaps and user flows and creating mockups for different pages on different devices. Get a basic grounding of UX/design tools and go after small companies and start-ups.

4.Email templates:

You can earn money by creating legitimate, non-fraud emails and email campaigns. All you need to learn are some basic HTML and CSS skills. Every newsletter or email you receive online are usually based on a specific template. These templates are built using HTML or CSS. These same codes are used to build webpages, so it pays to be knowledgeable about them. For a budding digital marketer, this is a great way to dive in. You need to know some design fundamentals along with HTML and CSS. It also helps to have some familiarity with contemporary email marketing platforms like MailChimp.

5.Web Components:

Designing website components is a good option if you don’t want to take on full-fledged website coding projects. Instead of building complete websites, you can focus on specific components like buttons, menus, comment boxes etc. This is a great way to complement your design skills, helping you offer more services to a prospective client. Often, freelancers are overloaded with work and are looking to subcontract other freelancers to handle website component building. This helps them save time and opens up opportunities for you. Alternatively, you can also design some stock components and sell them to freelancers or companies. All you need are skills relevant to web design, CSS, and HTML.

6.Using Website Builder Services:

As a website builder, you do not always have to build a complete website from scratch. You may have to revamp or redesign certain aspects without resorting to a complete website overhaul. Tools like Tumblr, SquareSpace, and WordPress come in particularly handy at times like these. You can design a page or a whole site using the drag-and-drop feature on these tools. The “what you see is what you get” side of these tools allow you to easily make a landing page or site without much trouble. This may seem like the basics, but too many people do not have the time to deal with them. Using website builder tools, you can make money by creating basic websites or pages for smaller clients. Web design, HTML and CSS skills are all you need.

7.Web development:

Web development is when you build an entire website or page from scratch. This involves coding pages and sites to make sure they run on the web. Combined with branding and designing, this can be a potent weapon in your tech arsenal. Use your HTML and CSS skills to create unique user experiences on the website or page you are building. An understanding of hosting, domains and JavaScript can help you go a long way.


One good way to ensure a steady supplementary income by taking up website maintenance responsibilities. This involves taking up the burden of updating, maintaining and debugging a website. Workload varies according to the type of website you’re on so its best to price your services accordingly. You can maintain websites created by you, other developers or even website builder tools as an added service.

9.Start Your Own Blog:

Other than doing all of the above for clients, you can do the same for yourself. Using the skills above, you can create your own website or blog and begin earning money. You can create a blog site easily with WordPress templates and start posting original, engaging content. I have found that I can regularly generate new ideas for content using my Optimum packages triple play services. Always keep an eye out for trending topics and current affairs that can be used to generate traffic. Once you’re generating enough traffic, you can start monetizing your blog by offering space for advertisement to third parties. You can even become a guest blogger for different sites once you’ve reached a certain level of readership.

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