Pregnancy announcement ideas


Pregnancy announcement ideas

Pregnancy announcement ideas:

Pregnancy is one of the most special times of a woman’s life. To announce your pregnancy is a notice traditionally sent to friends or family by parents of a baby. When you would like to shout from the rooftops, you will find a nice bundle of choices of right pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from. If you are looking a few creative ways to announce that you are pregnant, here is a list of ideas to an announcement of pregnancy –

1.    When you should announce the pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you want to share this with everyone, but you should be careful about how you share this good news.  I suggest you “wait till 20 weeks or 4 to 5 months” that offers you an opportunity to make sure that findings are normal. Because there is a risk of miscarriage during the first trimester, you should wait before telling your relatives or friends. 

2.    How to announce the pregnancy?

•    Don’t wait to tell your partner about this announcement. You and your partner are going to start a new life from that point itself. So, don’t think twice before telling him.

•    If soon to be grandpa or grandma sees your post on social media, before you have made a call, they may feel invaluable. So, let them know personally with a call or a sweet message.

•    You just can't keep your pregnancy private. You need to tell your friends, and they will be super happy if you tell them via right word of mouth. It was the real social media before technological, social media. 

•    When you are shopping with friends or relatives, you can drop a hint by buying baby clothes.

•    If you are interested in sharing about your pregnancy simultaneously, create a whatsappgroup of people whom you want to tell and leave a message.

•    If you are willing to drink despite pregnancy (though you shouldn't), it may be a good idea to invite your friends for wine, they will ask about the party then you can share this news.

•    Leave a stack on tees on your spouse’s side of the bed, with daddy printed top.

•    Order dessert according to your partner’s choice, and surprise him with this biggest happiness. 

•    If you are keen to announce by letter, you can write it secretly and just share this letter with family. 

With pregnancy, there is a lot of happiness and things to manage such as baby names to consider and shopping for the baby's arrival. To share this big news with family is really exciting. It comes with creative ideas like photos, digital cards and videos that may be posted on social sites. 

Some tips to announce on social media –

1.    You can post sonogram picture while embracing or smiling.

2.    You can buy some quoted t-shirts from online or any shop related to baby or post that.

3.    Nowadays maternity photo shoot is in trend, so you can also go for a photo shoot.

4.     Click pictures with baby’s toy to post, and this will be a clear way to tell your family or relatives.

While you thought of bringing a cute baby into your life, you are also wondering “how to share this with hubby or family?” 

The joy of holding a baby for the first time will be so delightful for you.  For the announcement of pregnancy, you may consider all the above and ideas.

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