Stages of Pregnancy Development


Stages of Pregnancy Development

Stages of Pregnancy Development:

Each and every stage of pregnancy is a unique full of joy, wonder, and challenges. The entire duration of pregnancy till childbirth is 40 weeks. It includes the first day of your last period and till the date of baby birth. The 40-week pregnancy is divided into 3 stages and is called a trimester. Namely, first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester.

First Trimester

From the first day of conception to the 12 th week of pregnancy is said to be the first trimester. The initial change in the body during first trimester is the missed period, which denotes you are pregnant.

Changes a women experiences during first-trimester pregnancy

The initial trimester hormonal changes affect everybody organs and it includes below changes like

1. Fatigue and tiredness

2. Tender breasts with protrude nipples and dark algebra

3. Morning sickness including nausea

4. Sudden craving or aversion of particular food

5. Mild mood swings

6. Constipation and motion sickness

7. Urge to urinate frequently

8. Headache

9. Heartburn and digestion issues

10. Sudden weight gain or weight loss

Second Trimester

Once the pregnant women enter into the second trimester, they can notice a reduction in the morning sickness and fatigue. Still, the body undergoes several changes and the tiny baby bump will start to show. This is because the abdomen expands when the baby grows. In fact, by the end of second-trimester, you can notice baby movement inside your tummy.

Changes a women experiences during second-trimester pregnancy

As soon as you enter into the second trimester your body undergoes below-mentioned changes like

1. Bach and thick pain.

2. Development of stretch marks on abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

3. Darkening and dullness of skin around the nipple area.

4. Darkening of a line on the skin which runs from the belly button to the pubic hairline.

5. Dark skin patches on cheeks, nose, upper lips etc.

6. Sudden numbness of hands.

7. Unusually numbing on the abdomen, soles, and hands.

8. Swelling of feet, face, gingers, ankles

Third Trimester

The last stage of pregnancy is called the third trimester and it is the toughest phase. The level of discomfort is high because your tummy starts to grow big and baby puts more pressure on the internal organs. You make experience difficulty in breathing and have the urge to urinate frequently. This is totally normal and usually goes away once you have given birth to the baby.

Changes a women experiences during third-trimester pregnancy

During the final trimester, a woman experiences a lot of physical changes which includes

1. Swelling of feet, hands, and fingers.

2. Drop in haemoglobin level.

3. Haemorrhoids

4. Tenderness of breast and sometimes leaking of watery pre-milk called colostrum as the body is getting ready for lactation.

5. Protrude belly button.

6. False contractions.

7. Shortness of breath

8. Heartburns and difficulty in sleeping.

9. Thinner and softer cervix

10. Increase in body fat

Usually by 37th-week baby is considered as a full term and their organs are capable to function on their own. You can expect them to pop out anytime soon.

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