The Flat Plan


The Flat Plan

The Flat Plan:

Being married to a fitness lover have one BIG advantage, you keep yourself fit. There is no choice but to go along in with his fitness love. He motivates me and in these almost 4 years i have learnt couple of things, infact i follow fitness celebrities ( never thought of this). I read articles, watched videos and i am working towards it so i thought why not share my knowledge & experience with everyone.

I feel a strong and healthy core is the stuff a strong and healthy life is made of. There is much more to sculpting washboard abs than gruelling sit-ups and a thousand crunches ( though people emhasize a lot on it). Presenting nifty new moves to sculpt the sexiest stomach ever. The 5 pointers to keep in mind for the Flat Plan : 

ALL OVER : the more muscles you use at one time, the more calories you burn, so even if you want to reduce belly fat the exercises in your workout should have using many muscles groups, particularly the larger ones like your legs, because those muscles require more energy to move. Any standing moves will burn more calories than sitting excercises, and sitting ones will burn more than lying-down excercises. High intensity exercises , where you are standing & moving around, will work the big muscles group more and help in burning FAT- even stubborn BELLY FAT. You can go for compound movement excercises. 
Mix It Up : i love dance moves more than anything else. And dance is one of the best ways to get great abs, since changing moves & intensity levels challenges your core. Mixing dance & other cardio excercise - even jump rope works great. Exercise & moves from yoga, pilates & kickboxing goes a long way toward sculpting great abs. 
Know The Moves : so even if you want to give up, don't , and it's only when you really fatigue your muscle that it will grow. The burpee is another exercise that uses every body part. Holding planks for a min at a time is also a superior way to get those flat abs - at least much more effective than crunches. 
Pick a Magic Number : choose your fav no. And do that much reps. For instance : i do 20 reps of a particular exercise & by the last 5 reps i want to quit, because it gets hard. Keeping a number in mind motivates you to keep going when you're performing tough moves like side planks ( great for obliques) . 
Quick Fixes : to look your absolute best for a big event, i suggest you replace starchy carbs with fibrous veggies the week before. Totally nix alcohol, soda and even coffee, but keep chugging down water. 
Though i have lost few kilos & inches post baby but still there is a long journey ahead. I am on it. Are you?

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