The most common signs and symptoms of Pregnancy other than the Missed Period


The most common signs and symptoms of Pregnancy other than the Missed Period

The most common signs and symptoms of Pregnancy other than the Missed Period :

The most common sign of pregnancy is missed period. But, many women experience other signs and symptoms before they actually miss their period, this is majorly due to the change in hormones. The body triggers a variety of symptoms and a huge change occurs in the body.

Here are the top signs and symptoms of pregnancy

1. Mild Bleeding

Many pregnant ladies experience a little spotting which is lighter in shade as compared to their menstrual blood. It is due to the implantation of the fertilized eggs. It usually happens between the 6-12 days after conception. The mild bleeding is very common during the initial 12 weeks of conception.

2. Change in Breast

Tenderness or swollen breasts is another early sign of pregnancy. It happens during the initial weeks after conception. The main reason for tender breasts, swollen breasts and nipples is the change in hormone level. The breast feels full and heavy during initial 1 or 2 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Fatigue and Headache

Many pregnant women feel highly tiered and restless during the initial pregnancy days. Body pain, fatigue is the most common symptom of pregnancy, this is majorly due to the high production of progesterone. Progesterone is curial for a healthy pregnancy as it helps d in the development of breast's milk secreting glands.

Moreover, during the entire pregnancy body pumps out a high amount of blood which is essential to carry the nutrients to the baby. The initial week fatigue is a very common sign of pregnancy. The hormonal fluctuation can also cause high headaches during the initial week of conception.

4. Nausea

Another classic symptom of pregnancy is vomiting. The symptoms stats from 2 to 8 weeks after conception, some experience it throughout the pregnancy. The symptom of nausea and vomiting is commonly called as morning sickness but it can happen any time throughout the day.

5. Food Aversions

The pregnant women can experience sudden dislike of some foods which could be their favourite before pregnancy. In addition to it, they can also develop a craving for particular food during the pregnancy. This is a very common symptom which can last the entire pregnancy.

6. Mood Fluctuation

This is also common during the pregnancy, the pregnant women can have mood swings which occurs during the initial week after conception.

7. Frequent Urination

The pregnant lady needs to empty their bladder often during the initial week this is because the body produces human chorionic gonadotropin. The HCG hormone increases the blood circulation in the pelvic region and causes frequent urination.

8. Breathlessness

The symptom of Breathlessness continues through pregnancy, this is because the progesterone hormone increases the overall capacity of lungs.  The mother carries more oxygen to the foetus and flush out the toxin efficiently. The pregnant lady breathes deeply and it can lead to shortness in breathe.

9. Backache

The sign of Backache is also common among pregnant ladies, it happens due to the closing of ligaments and a change in body posture.

10. Indigestion

The issue of indigestion is a faced by many ladies during pregnancy, it happens due to the pressure of the large uterus on other organs in the abdominal area.

The presence of these initial signs and symptoms confirms pregnancy. It is advisable to visit a Obs-Gyne to validate it.

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