What's your Mood Swings story


What's your Mood Swings story

What's your Mood Swings story:

Mood Swings itself has captured lots of memories, do you have any mood Swings story, feel free to ping me. I love to listen to or comments in comment box.

As everyone knows pregnant women deal with lots of ups and downs at some point of her pregnancy mostly during initial months to throughout the last month it depends as hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy coupled with physical and emotional changes fluctuates the mood of the expecting mother.

 Mood swings during pregnancy can sometimes be a cause of concern and may be the reason of broken relationship as it stresses your marriage and relationship, but if you understand that your wife is pregnant, I understand it is hard for a husband to put up with all crazy and irritation swings.

You know love is beautiful sometimes you found with crazy unexpected demands l, sometimes you found in making food for your lovely wife in the middle of night and sometimes she irritate in the middle of night and scold you, that is hard to get up, but it's your baby which your wife carrying in her stomach for 9months.

Understanding during pregnancy is very important, the husband has to understand her wife is pregnant and he has to maintain a happy and healthy environment so that mother and baby both will be happy and healthy.

Mood swings can have a negative effect on your relationship, so do not take these fluctuating moods personally. Always remember, it is just a part of pregnancy and your wife loves you and needs your support. So deal with it patiently and always work out in making your relationship stronger and healthier. Your love and concern can help her overcome mood swing so always try to understand your wife and be her strong supporter in this journey of parenthood. “Don’t worry about it. I got it.” Simple Words. Powerful Outcome

There are the lots of stories out of one please read, this is my one of the friend story:

This is a Seema and her husband Ravi story. one day when Seema is completed 5-month pregnancy at 02:30 am she craving for Chocochip icecream she wakes her up until his husband in the middle of the night and crying like hell.

Ravi gets worried that what happened to Seema as Seema want Chocochip icecream in the middle of the night, but she couldn't say to Ravi, as it's 2:30 am at night.

Seema keeps crying finally after 30 minutes of crying she speaks that she wants Chocochip icecream now.

Ravi laughs for a minute but he doesn't have options to search an ice cream for the market he tried to convince Seema that tomorrow he will buy 5 ice cream for her. But Seema is not ready to listen and this time he scolding Ravi to go to the market and buy Chocochip icecream now.

Ravi has no option so he starts his bike and went for a market to search an ice cream for Seema.

He almost covers half of Raipur to search icecream shop but it's a small city so all shops been closed till 9:00 pm.

Time is hitting 05:00 am still Ravi couldn't find any open shop, finally 24-hour pharmacy where he got Chocochip icecream for her loving wife Seema.

He reaches home at 06:00 bit when he reaches home, Seema has already slept.

There are many more stories but would love to hear your...share your Stories with us. at mums@miss2mom.net

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