Best Ways to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy


Best Ways to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy

Best Ways to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy:

Congrats! You're pregnant! And that gorgeous bump holds the most precious thing in the world - your baby! As your bump grows it will also be responsible for the  “mommy scars” or stretch marks - and may just stay with you life long. 

All pregnant women get stretch marks on their belly, breasts and thighs. Some even get them on their legs, back and arms. It may not be possible to avoid stretch marks completely - but you can lessen their appearance by using a good anti stretch mark cream and routinue. 

Stretch marks naturally tend to fade to faint while others may remain dark and prominent. Doctors suggest  that the best time to treat stretch marks, is when they're still appearing.

5 ways to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy

 #1. Follow a nutrient-rich diet and soak up vitamin D in the sun. 

Stretch marks occur if your body is not  getting all the nutrition it needs.  Good diet can prevent stretch marks from happening. You diet should include foods rich in Vitamin C, D, E, zinc and protein. S
tudies have shown correlation between low levels of vitamin D and  occurrence of stretch marks. So, be sure to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D. While the best way to get vitamin D is spending time under the sun, you can also take supplements. 


#2. Use a Vitamin E  rich cream

 Start massaging daily with good oil that is rich in Vitamin E from your first trimester itself to reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. A stitch in time saves nine. 


#3. Use Mandarin Essential Oil

 Mandarin essential oil is very good for blood and lymph circulation.Mandarin oil helps to regeneration  new cells and tissues, and is very good for healing your wound as well. In case you have a C-section then also you can use this. 


#4. Omega rich oil daily

 Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 & Omega-6 are good for the brain and also good for your skin. They enhance your tissue growth, and improves the elasticity of skin, reducing the occurrence of stretch marks.


 #5. Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is key to good health and pregnancy is not different. You will feel even more thirsty while pregnant so have that water bottle handy! Drink lots of water as it will help you keep your skin hydrated and soft. Soft and supple skin doesn’t develop stretch marks as mush as dry skin does. Staying hydrated is considered one of the best home remedies for dry skin. So ladies! Bottoms up! For that glass of water! :)


Did you develop stretch marks while pregnant? Have they reduced? Share below!


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