Strong moms can create "equality"


Strong moms can create

Strong moms can create "equality":

Hey Everyone

This is something personal view but whenever I look around and watch my loved ones and family ,  I get that nothing has changed for women in India. We talk about equality and women empowerment and many things.

I belong to an upper middle class family. Here I am talking about what I saw till now in my life , so please don't take it otherwise.

OK, so where I was.... Yes.

I watched my mom and then their generation women and then me and my generation women.

What I found is really sad. The condition of women have never changed in normal families.

We always see women as "izzat" of the family or like pride , ego everything. And that izzat and pride are fine till she take a stand for herself,

Then you know what happens, we Indians just loose our pride and ego and izzat and everything. At the same time if that happens to a boy or a man of the family , you have never seen this kinda situation. Cos they are male member of the family.

India has grown in all the elements but I see it at the same level as before for women.

It doesn't depend how much you are educated or what family background you have. The things are literally same.

Men can do according to their wish but a woman can't.

It took a lot to make me understand the reality. I was not aware of this unless I experienced. I always heard about equality and I found myself more appreciated than my brother when we were in school and college.

Everything was like perfect for me because I did whatever I was told to do. Then I took a stand for my marriage and then I found what are the differences between boy and girl.

My life took 180° shift. I had never ever imagined myself like that. Cos I was in a dream world where I got everything like my brother.

My dream world just broken badly and I felt the reality. And the reality is people love girls till they blindly follow all the traditions and culture and everything whatever elder people say.

Once she take a stand for herself , she is not the one they loved. She becomes someone else for them.

Then all the society and sanskar and everything comes and nobody care about you. It doesn't depends on sasural or mayka. Everything changes when a woman  takes  stand for herself.

It also doesn't depend on whether you belong to a poor or middle class or high class. Whether you are uneducated or educated.

There are some lucky women out there but I have seen this difference everywhere.

A woman's life depends on the people around you. If they treat you as a normal human as they are, then you are the lucky one but unfortunately you rarely find a woman like this in India.

We celebrate many festivals for women and girls like women's day, navratri, rakhabandhan , Bhai dooj and many more. I don't know why people celebrate all these.

I think if you do respect your women(wife, mother , sister, daughter), You don't have to do all the vrat and upvaas for Goddess Durga. 

There are few things I can suggest or in my opinion is the best ways for women or girls out there.

1. Be a strong mom

I want the next generation to be that really means the "equality". So I request all women out there to be strong for our next generation. Stand for yourself and be an inspiration for your daughter and all the women around you.

Only we can change this mentality by proving our-self right and capable in every aspects.

I also have a daughter and really want her to be free from all these nonsense things but the whole environment will change when every mom thinks like that. 

2. Motivate other women around you

There are a lot of women in our family and friends. Motivate them to become strong. We have maids in our home, Motivate them to be strong for their daughter's life. When we have strong moms we will have our strong women for next generation.

3. Change your behavior towards men around you

That doesn't mean you start fighting with your husband and men around you. Just don't expect too much from them, they are different creatures. They have different views, opinions and thinking because they are different from us. They face different issues in life and they have different priorities.

Understand this and don't depend on them for everything and don't expect too much. 

If you have more ideas and opinions regarding this. Please comment below. My website is You can read more like articles on that.

Thank you.


This is all a personal view and experience of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author and Miss2Mom does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author and Miss2Mom does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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